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Thai Yoga Massage


What is Thai yoga massage?

This relaxing modality of stretching, twisting, compression, traction and soothing touch enhances your yoga practice or workouts, eases pain and tension, improves range of motion and increases resistance to injury. Above all it delivers a relaxing, restorative sense of well-being.


What should I expect?

Thai yoga massage is done on a large padded mat on the floor in a peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Unlike conventional therapeutic massage, you will be fully clothed in comfortable, easy moving workout or yoga wear. You will lie on the mat, while I help you to discover places in your body that need to be lengthened, released, stretched and opened.


Thai yoga massage is a wonderful way to nurture and care for yourself, to relax deeply and to become better acquainted with your body.

Who can benefit from Thai yoga massage?

Everyone! It's very beneficial for anyone looking for a deep relaxed sense of being! It's also very beneficial for athletes, of any level, any sport!


How do I schedule a Thai yoga massage?

Thai yoga massage is done by appointment only. Day, evening and weekend appointments are available. Contact us  to book a session.


Choose from a 60 minute ($50) or 90 minute ($75) session. Contact us to schedule your Thai yoga massage today!

Gift certificates available!

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