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Mission Statement

At Haught Yoga, we aspire to meet each individual where they are and inspire and empower them to develop a sense of awareness and to adopt a healthy and accessible functional movement practice through movement classes, private movement sessions and Thai yoga massage.

About the owner

Haught Yoga is owned by Amy Kemper, RN, e-RYT 200, RYT 500, RPYT. After leaving her nursing practice and finishing up her first yoga teacher training, she focused on private clients. After years of taking call, she didn’t want the responsibility of owning a studio, so she worked one-on-one in her little home studio. With the encouragement of a student, she approached Marge Vehorn at Schlarman’s Health Center and asked if she could offer yoga in her store. Marge was happy to add yoga to the many other services offered at Schlarman’s and so began Yoga in the Loft. She taught her first class on June 4, 2014, nearly four months before she completed her first teacher training. Five years, many seminars, hours studying, having completed advanced teacher training, and a few certifications later,  she made the decision to open her own space.


She prayed first. She looked for commercial space in St Henry. She thought a few times that it wasn’t meant to be and it wouldn’t happen. After teaching a 5 a.m. class, she came home and meditated and prayed and asked for guidance and light on what this path would look like for her. She told God that she couldn’t find a space big enough and she wasn’t sure what He had in store, but she would try to be patient. Standing in the shower that morning, she said out loud, “What do you love, Amy? Because this is your chance to do what you love.”


That was the moment of conception for her boutique-style yoga studio. She loves teaching small, intimate classes. Classes of 8-10 students is her sweet spot. She loves doing Thai yoga massage and she finds fulfillment in working with private yoga clients. That’s what she loves — connecting.


As she began making plans for this space, a space to do what she loves, she decided to make this studio a place where she would love to practice; a space that felt warm and welcoming with a touch of posh comfort. We hope that you’ll feel this when you’re here with us, and we hope that you’ll feel the gratitude in Amy's heart as you practice with her.


Thank you

I’ve had the most amazing team to work with on this little dream of mine. Thank you to God, for Your guidance and Your grace, to Jim for believing in me, to Morgan and Tyler, the most amazing and yet lowest paid upper level management team in the world, to Michelle for coaching me, to my teachers past and present, and to my students and clients… Thank you. It’s an honor to be connected to all of you.




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