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Studio class Pricing

Monthly registration

Highly recommended! We care about you and we know that the fullest, juiciest benefits come with a consistent, dedicated practice. This option guarantees your spot in class and rewards you with commitment pricing. $42/month/class. One makeup class permitted per month in class of your choice as space permits. No carry overs.

10 Class Pass

Everyone loves a deal, so here it is... Save by buying drop-ins in bulk. $115. Eligible for regularly scheduled classes. Check for class openings here or contact us. Expires one year from date of purchase. Not eligible for workshops or special series. Available for purchase in studio only.


You're busy. We really understand that, so we offer a $14 drop-in fee. Come when you can but we do ask that you check for class openings here or by contacting us to avoid the inconvenience of dropping in to a full class. 

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